Vehicle Wraps

Advertising, Graphic Design, or Color Change.A Vehicle Wrap is accomplished when all or most of the vehicles paint is covered by a vinyl decal.Wrap vinyl comes in many colors and even some textures like carbon fiber.The most widely used color is white, used with a large format printer,any image or design can be full color printed, and then installed on any hard surface.

Vehicle Wraps For Advertising

Because of the constant exposure to the public, a Vehicle Wrap is one of the Best ways for your future customers to get to know your business. They may call right away, but more important, you want them to remember or recognize your business when they are searching for it later! Wrapped vehicles provide high quality exposure at a low cost.

Of the 250 million vehicles in the U.S., a large part of these vehicles are owned by small businesses. Small businesses own cars and trucks that often operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are getting into places that traditional advertising does not reach.Most business vehicles drive into neighborhoods or areas that don’t let other advertising like signs or billboards exist. And business vehicles travel on the busiest roads and intersections where it is difficult and expensive to obtain advertising.

A wrapped plumbing truck that is seen at a neighborhood home may have less “views” than a television ad, but the quality of the neighborhood “wrap views” is higher because it’s a silent testimonial... "look who the neighbors are using, they must do good work!" And, this is at a very low cost per exposure. Most wraps are less than $4000 per vehicle so, when you add up the yearly exposure to “views” of the wrap that is seen 24 hours a day, seven days a week over an average five to seven year life, the cost of each exposure is just pennies.

Wrapping vehicles is the most cost effective solution for businesses to advertise.

Vehicle Wraps For Graphic Design or Color Change

How many vehicles do you see, everyday, that looks just like yours? Customize yours to a different color, or add graphic designs toreflect your style. Matte or Gloss? Camo or Carbon Fiber? Hot Pink or Blue Raspberry? Flames or Chrome? The options are endless.The average vehicle wrap is around $3000.00 to $4000.00, about the same as a good quality single color paint job. The advantages of the wrap being, it is removable, so a wild color or design wont affect the resale value. In fact, a wrap will protect the paint while its installed.Another advantage is the level of detail, the complexity of the graphic design that cannot be duplicated with paint for the same price.Chrome is luxurious but at 3 to 4 times the cost of a regular wrap, truly an elite option

Change Color Yes! Hide Damage NO!

A wrap needs to have a good quality surface to "stick" to. If the paint has issues, so will the wrap. A wrap can not stick to a chalky or flaking surface. A wrap will not hide damage. The wrap vinyl is very thin, any imperfections, scratches, or dings will still be visible, they will just be a different color. Any problem areas you don't want to see after its wrapped, should be repaired by a qualified auto body specialist before the wrap is applied.


Wrap Vinyl adds a layer of protection to your paint while installed.Wrap Vinyl is softer than paint, and therefore less durable, shorter lifespan than paint.Vinyl's biggest enemy's are UV from the sun, and Wax. Never wax a vinyl wrap!For a Work vehicle that is outside everyday, the best quality vinyl wraps last 5 to 7 years, before they need replaced. Flat surfaces like hoods and roofs of vehicles receive more UV than the sides, and may need replaced sooner. Some advertising messages change frequently, after afew months or a year. For those applications that don't need to last years,lower quality less expensive vinyls are available.


If you damage your wrap, minor (scratch) or major (body work and paint required),repairs can be made by replacing just the section(s) that are damage.If changes are needed, like new address or change a phone number, small patches can be printedthat cover old info with the new, including the background, so only a small overlap seam is visible.


A wrap can easily be removed anytime during its designed life span.The paint will look just as good as it did the day it was wrapped, and if desired, ready for a new wrap.If left on longer, the vinyl will begin to look old, worn, and begin to crack.Removal then becomes more difficult, and labor intensive.That translates into a much higher cost, if you are paying to have it removed.Normal removal time may take 8 to 12 hours, waiting years past normal life span may take24 to 30 hours, also increasing the chance of damaging the paint.

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