Company & Fleet Lettering

Does your Work Vehicle Work For You?

Having your Company or Business info on your vehicle is one of the best and most cost effective forms of advertising there is. Every time your vehicle is in view of the public, your potential customer swill "Recognize" you, increasing your "Brand Awareness". Your average customer may not call you while they are looking at your vehicle, but you definitely want them to remember or recognize your company when they begin their search for your products or services.

With thoughtful design planning, we can creatively add your business name or logo, contact info, and your products or services to your vehicle. Don't Have a logo? Our team of Graphic Artists can design one for you!

Fleet Lettering

Some vehicles are required by law to have specific info displayed.We can help keep you legal, while accenting your vehicle colors, and reflecting your style.


Make sure you take time to check our Vehicle Graphics, and Vehicle Wraps tabs. Adding graphics is a great way to make your vehicle stand out, getting even more attention!

The Process

How we design, produce, and install; lettering, graphics, or a wrap, on your vehicle.

We start with a template that is to scale, so when we add lettering or graphics, we will know exactly what size they are. We use the dimensions of the final artwork to calculate the cost of your project.

If we do not have access to templates for your vehicle, we can make some by taking photos and getting a few dimensions. If you can not bring your vehicle to us for pictures, and need to send us photos, It is important how the photos are taken. The photos need to be straight as possible, not an angled view, taken from the center of each side and back. Then measure a location that can be easily seen with a definite start and stop point in photo, like from the front to the back of a door.

Then simply email us the info.

Now that the templates are ready, the design process begins. Supply us your info. Company name or logo, address, phone number, email, web address, however you want your new customers to contact you. Tell us what products or services do you provide. Once we have your details, we can show you some design options: colors, size, and placement. We can email you proofs, making changes until you approve the final design.

For some, simple door lettering and phone number is enough. If your goal is to get more attention, SIZE MATTERS.

We recommend using discretion when adding multiple lines of text. To much text can be overwhelming on a moving vehicle. Adding artwork in the form of photos or illustrations is a great way to emphasize or highlight your products or services, without text overload.

See our Graphic Art / Logo Design section for more details.

Optional Graphic ElementsCan be used to accent colors, fill space, and get more attention.

See our Vehicle Graphics section for more details.

The Ultimate Optional Graphic Element, the Vehicle Wrap!The most eye catching, unforgettable way to get your advertising message to your future customers

Is your vehicle the wrong color?A Wrap a great way to change the color of your vehicle.

See our Vehicle Wraps section for more details.

Many options, one choice.Your personal preference, style,taste and budget will help makeyour final decision.Now the real work begins.We make all our own graphics, either cut out of solid color vinyl, or full color photo quality print, with one of our Roland printers. Once produced, our skilled installation technicians, prep your vehicle, install, and post inspect to make sure it meets our high quality standards.

Are you ready to put your work vehicle to work for you?

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