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A.R.E. Fusion Cover

The Fusion Cover provides you with a paint-to-match finish in a tri-fold cover. Fold the panels open for quick and easy full bed access or keep them closed for added security and styling.

Starting At $1,249

A.R.E. Double Cover

Trying to decide between a retracting cover or a hinged cover? Don't. The all-new DoubleCover allows you to lift open for quick access and retract for full bed access.

Starting At $1,950

A.R.E. LSX Ultra

The LSX Ultra offers the premium fit of the LSX Series, plus extra top of the line features, including remote keyless entry and an extra bright interior LED light.

Starting At $1,709

A.R.E. LSX Series

Compliment your truck’s lines with the incomparable LSX Series tonneau cover. The best components and multiple adjustment points mean you get the best fit possible. The LSX Series is a premium tonneau cover inside and out.

Starting At $1,429

A.R.E. LSII Series

The LSII Series offers truck specific styling, premium components, and a unique lift assist system for user friendly opening and closing. This industry leading tonneau cover is a best seller, and for good reason.

Starting At $1,299

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